Maxi Dresses: Love ‘Em or Hate ‘Em?

I did some casual Sunday afternoon shopping today, and of course with it being summer and all I found myself naturally drawn to the maxi dresses and skirts. So many colors, prints, cuts, and even some daring pieces that were backless all had me drooling for a shopping spree. I picked up a few of my favorites and headed to the dressing room, hoping to come out with at least one piece that I really adored.

However, once again I was let down by the maxi world. Maxi dresses, like the gorgeous Vince Camuto maxi dress below, never look good on me! I am not short, so the length isn’t a deterrent like it is for some women. It is the way the maxi dresses fall on me. For anyone with wide hips, a bigger backside, or thick and/or muscular thighs, maxi dresses just highlight all. the wrong. features. Today I felt like a pregnant beluga whale while trying on 5 or 6 maxi dresses, although I know that I’m far from an orca or any other large mammal for that matter.

The feel of the maxi dresses themselves I love; they are so light and comfortable and I LOVE that in nice clothing. And I really like the way maxi dresses look on many other women, just not myself. The polyester and jersey materials do nothing for my ¬†body, and it is quite frustrating that even though I’m by no means huge as a size 6/8, I look so dreadful in such an easygoing summer look that so many others pull off effortlessly.

Vince Camuto print cutaway dress


My current opinion is that I think maxi dresses and skirts might just be a style that slender girls can wear. Because while I am by no means fat, maxi dresses definitely make my curves feel like a bad thing. And there’s nothing wrong with that, I see ¬†girls rocking maxis every day and I admire how thin and effortlessly chic they look.

So now that I’m done ranting about myself, I need the opinion of the other ladies out there! Maxi dresses: love ’em or hate ’em? And for anyone who has the same problem as me, have you found any designers/fabrics/cuts that eliminate this problem? Let me know! :)


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