Fashion Envy Fridays

So tonight I am going to a concert for one of my all time favorite groups and I am beyond excited! There is one little problem though. The concert is at an amusement park pavilion and I don’t want to lug a purse around or try and remember it every time I put it down at the ticket booth, to buy a drink, or most importantly: to enjoy the show!

Because of this, I currently have total fashion envy for the Betsey Johnson Heart Attack Crossbody. A crossbody would be the perfect bag for tomorrow! All I need to bring is money, our tickets, my phone, and a pack of gum. This super cute crossbody is perfect for that!

Betsey Johnson Heart Attack Crossbody Purse

The Heart Attack Crossbody from Betsey Johnson is  $88, and it comes in this super cute candy pink color! For a sleeker, more moto-inspired look, this crossbody also comes in black and is totally edgy. However, I’m a pink girl through and through and this hue is right up my alley.

Considering the concert is only hours away, I don’t have time to snatch up this awesome purse. My option for a crossbody is a Vera Bradley purse but the busy pattern isn’t very versatile for constant wardrobe wear. I will be sticking to a classic leather satchel from Fossil instead. Although I can wear it is a crossbody, it is not that small and actually gets a bit annoying after a while. With it, I will be wearing a high-low sheer shirt with a neon pink collar/accents as well as dark denim (even though it’s going to be hot! I might regret that…) and gladiator sandals. Let’s just hope I don’t change my mind again within the next few hours.

PS who can guess what concert I’m going to? Three hints:
1. It’s a band, not a solo act
2. They were/are known as a “teeny bopper group”
3. One of the group members is currently expecting his/her first child!

If you manage to have a guess, be sure to share it! I will shamelessly post the answer after the concert.

Happy Friday!
– A

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