Win $500 Cash in the Summer Breeze Cash Giveaway!

Giveaway Promote, along with a ton of other blogs, is currently throwing a HUGE giveaway event! Open until August 4, 2013, this contest allows users worldwide to enter to win $500 in cash! Through simple Rafflecopter entries (liking Facebook pages, following Twitter accounts, Pinterest pages, Instagram feeds, etc.), people can climb their way to the top of the entry ladder to increase their chances to win! This is already a high-entry giveaway of course, but I encourage you all to go check out the giveaway here and enter now!

Giveaway Promote Summer Breeze Giveaway

So of course, this leads me to ask…what would YOU do if you won the $500 cash prize? I know if I win I would consider a few things:
1. Applying it to my vacation fund to go somewhere exotic
2. Purchasing a new Louis Vuitton bag
3. Going on a shopping spree at places like Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, and Papaya (where you can go bananas with $500).

Be sure to comment and let me know what you’d do with $500 cash this summer!


Maxi Dresses: Love ‘Em or Hate ‘Em?

I did some casual Sunday afternoon shopping today, and of course with it being summer and all I found myself naturally drawn to the maxi dresses and skirts. So many colors, prints, cuts, and even some daring pieces that were backless all had me drooling for a shopping spree. I picked up a few of my favorites and headed to the dressing room, hoping to come out with at least one piece that I really adored.

However, once again I was let down by the maxi world. Maxi dresses, like the gorgeous Vince Camuto maxi dress below, never look good on me! I am not short, so the length isn’t a deterrent like it is for some women. It is the way the maxi dresses fall on me. For anyone with wide hips, a bigger backside, or thick and/or muscular thighs, maxi dresses just highlight all. the wrong. features. Today I felt like a pregnant beluga whale while trying on 5 or 6 maxi dresses, although I know that I’m far from an orca or any other large mammal for that matter.

The feel of the maxi dresses themselves I love; they are so light and comfortable and I LOVE that in nice clothing. And I really like the way maxi dresses look on many other women, just not myself. The polyester and jersey materials do nothing for my  body, and it is quite frustrating that even though I’m by no means huge as a size 6/8, I look so dreadful in such an easygoing summer look that so many others pull off effortlessly.

Vince Camuto print cutaway dress


My current opinion is that I think maxi dresses and skirts might just be a style that slender girls can wear. Because while I am by no means fat, maxi dresses definitely make my curves feel like a bad thing. And there’s nothing wrong with that, I see  girls rocking maxis every day and I admire how thin and effortlessly chic they look.

So now that I’m done ranting about myself, I need the opinion of the other ladies out there! Maxi dresses: love ’em or hate ’em? And for anyone who has the same problem as me, have you found any designers/fabrics/cuts that eliminate this problem? Let me know! :)

Fashion Envy Fridays

So tonight I am going to a concert for one of my all time favorite groups and I am beyond excited! There is one little problem though. The concert is at an amusement park pavilion and I don’t want to lug a purse around or try and remember it every time I put it down at the ticket booth, to buy a drink, or most importantly: to enjoy the show!

Because of this, I currently have total fashion envy for the Betsey Johnson Heart Attack Crossbody. A crossbody would be the perfect bag for tomorrow! All I need to bring is money, our tickets, my phone, and a pack of gum. This super cute crossbody is perfect for that!

Betsey Johnson Heart Attack Crossbody Purse

The Heart Attack Crossbody from Betsey Johnson is  $88, and it comes in this super cute candy pink color! For a sleeker, more moto-inspired look, this crossbody also comes in black and is totally edgy. However, I’m a pink girl through and through and this hue is right up my alley.

Considering the concert is only hours away, I don’t have time to snatch up this awesome purse. My option for a crossbody is a Vera Bradley purse but the busy pattern isn’t very versatile for constant wardrobe wear. I will be sticking to a classic leather satchel from Fossil instead. Although I can wear it is a crossbody, it is not that small and actually gets a bit annoying after a while. With it, I will be wearing a high-low sheer shirt with a neon pink collar/accents as well as dark denim (even though it’s going to be hot! I might regret that…) and gladiator sandals. Let’s just hope I don’t change my mind again within the next few hours.

PS who can guess what concert I’m going to? Three hints:
1. It’s a band, not a solo act
2. They were/are known as a “teeny bopper group”
3. One of the group members is currently expecting his/her first child!

If you manage to have a guess, be sure to share it! I will shamelessly post the answer after the concert.

Happy Friday!
– A

Gap Jeans: The Under 20 Edition

We all know that shopping for quality clothing, but when you shop smart it doesn’t have to be! Check out three awesome jeans from Gap that are on sale right now, all for under $20! But just because they are under twenty dollars, doesn’t mean you have to be under 20 to rock them!

gap jeans on sale


(from left to right)

1969 always skinny skimmer jeans

1969 printed legging skimmer jeans

1969 printed always skinny skimmer jeans

Talk about some good deals! Check out these jeans and many other (there are tons that are under $50 too) on the Gap’s website right now!

If you were going to buy one of these three great deals, which would you pick? I love the purple 1969 always skinny skimmer jeans.

Want it Wednesday: Hillary’s Boutique

Hillary's Boutique Happy to the Maxi dress

I am all about supporting small businesses and spreading the word about great brands. I recently stumbled upon Hillary’s Boutique, a fashion forward boutique with Southern Charm, and I am absolutely smitten with their current offerings. Happy to the Maxi … Continue reading

Spend: Steve Madden Wedges

Steve Madden Wedges

If you think any thing like I do when it comes to shopping, you’ll agree that shoes are ALWAYS a good investment. I am a bit hard on my shoes, and when I find a pair I love I find as many outfits to pair with it as I can. Because of this, quality shoes are especially important for me.

Time and time again, Steve Madden has proven that his shoes are quality, chic, and stylish. Here are 4 of my favorite Steve Madden wedges this season. Totally worth a spend in my book!

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 //

WIN: Monogrammed Marley Lilly Printed Pocket Tank

If you love monograms half as much as I do, you will become OBSESSED with Marley Lilly! They monogram everything, from clothing, to backpacks, necklaces, and license plates! Tomorrow, they are picking one winner to win one of their precious Printed Pocket Tanks!
Marley Lilly Printed Pocket Tank Monogram

To enter to win, all you have to do is go here and retweet this tweet! If you’re half as smitten as me, you’re crossing your fingers AND toes! Good luck!

SAVE: Current Deals

Here are our fave deals of the moment:

J. Crew Tiki Short

Still need summer sandals? Enjoy 20-75% off (yes, 75% off!) sandals now at Charlotte Russe‘s big summer sale!

Aching to add some perfectly preppy shorts to your wardrobe? J. Crew is throwing 40% off shorts today only! Note: The Tiki Shorts featured above, which are high in demand and went out of stock for a while, are pure perfection and quickly selling out in multiple sizes!

Save $20 on Vera Bradley totes in all available sale colors through Friday, July 12 on the Vera Bradley website.

Crazy about UrbanOG? Go crazy with an EXTRA 25% off on ALL their sale items with the coupon code EXTRA25 at checkout.

SPEND: Shop Hope’s

Every now and then, a girl’s just gotta shop. Summer is the perfect time for rompers, shorts, and dresses that will keep you cool while you’re looking hot! I recently discovered Shop Hope’s, a popular Georgia boutique that sells online as well, and I definitely think that they are SPEND-worthy. Check out some of my fave picks from their current offerings below:

Time Travel Barbie Dress in Orange: $44.99

Travel Time Barbie Dress, Shop Hope's

For under $50, who wouldn’t want this dress?! I have been eyeing it since Shop Hope’s released it and might just have to snap one up for myself soon. Its sweetheart neckline and timeless class makes it absolutely adorable.

Summer Heart Romper in Coral: $43.99

Summer Heat Romper Coral, Shop Hope's

The Summer Heat Romper shows off the legs you worked hard for all winter long, while its overlapping design up top leaves something to the imagination. The coral color looks good on just about every complexion and is the perfect pop of color.

Tea for Two Dress – Blue/Neon Pink: $40.99

Tea for Two Dress, Shop Hope's

Note: The pictures above are not mine; they are Shop Hope’s.

This Tea for Two Dress is as cute as can be with its bow designs while its predominantly backless design makes it daring. At just $40.99, I’m willing to bet that this dress would get a lot of use in any girl’s closet!

So I am obsessed with Shop Hope’s current collection, and I encourage you to go find some pieces you adore as well! Visit them online at and comment and let me know what pieces you adore!

Be sure to stay tuned for more posts on how you can spend, save, and win!